What You’re Doing Right Now That’s Making Your Perimenopause Symptoms Worse

It’s no secret that our modern Western lifestyles have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Poor diets, high-stress careers and daily exposure to toxins all wreak havoc on our health daily.

And if you’re currently experiencing perimenopause symptoms, then all those factors have an even greater negative impact. As our hormones naturally start to ebb and flow- toxins, poor food choices and stress will make those fluctuations even more extreme, setting off severe¬†peri¬†symptoms.

But many of the things we think we’re doing right are actually all wrong, especially when it comes to diet. In fact, you may be making your perimenopause symptoms worse without even realizing it.

If you’re committing any of these below mortal perimenopause sins, then you are increasing hormonal imbalance and exacerbating your symptoms without even realizing it:

  • Eating a low-fat diet.
  • Exercising excessively.
  • Losing too much weight.
  • Avoiding salt like the plague.
  • Avoiding butter like the plague.
  • Taking estrogen, even the natural kind. (OK, some women need supplemental estrogen. But some take it when they actually have overly high levels in their body.)
  • Taking the Pill.
  • Taking fertility drugs.
  • Spending too much time around certain pets.
  • Burning scented candles.

So why are these seemingly benign things bad for our health?

Because unlike what your doctor may be telling you, what we eat, the lifestyles we lead and the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis have a huge impact on our hormonal health.

Many of the chemicals found in our food, medications and personal care products are what they call xenohormones. These xenohormones have the ability to disrupt our hormones and cause health problems. When we reach our perimenopause years and our hormones are naturally in flux, these outside factors can make matters worse.

Unfortunately, these toxins are lurking in far more places than you might expect. The chemical industry is largely unregulated so our environment has become saturated with these hormone-disrupting toxins. To reduce your exposure, you need to make a conscious effort to clean up your environment and your diet. Sadly, given their abundance, it is virtually impossible to eliminate exposure entirely…

But you can reduce it considerably. Avoiding processed foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates is a good start. Eat a lot of healthy fats like butter, coconut oil and olive oil. If you can, choose organic as much as possible- especially when it comes to dairy and meat.

For cleaners and personal care products, avoid those containing perfumes and chemicals. Even some scented candles contain xenohormones. If you have a pet, refrain from using chemical flea and tick control. They are toxic for both you and your furry friend.

These small steps can make a difference. Just eating the right foods and cleaning up your home environment, can have a major impact on your health.

Health Tips For Better Living

There are so many health tips one can go over today. From diets to disease prevention, there is something to learn about how to stay healthy. The problem for most people is applying these to their life. It is easy enough to hear how to live better, stay healthy, and feel good, but to actually do it is a whole other issue. There are some easy things anyone can do to better their life that will help them to live longer. While there is still some effort needed to change your lifestyle to accommodate them, they will not cost you a dime. Simple tips to reduce the amount of stress in your life and stay healthy both emotionally and physically are all you really need to keep your body in good health over all.

Reducing Stress

A key factor in staying healthy is to reduce stress. When it comes to health tips, this is one of the top dogs. Stress has so many negative side effects on ones health. It can cause so many types of issues; it is probably one of the worst antagonists to getting sick. When the body is in that fight or flight mode too long it causes your immune system to fail. This is when you begin to get every virus and infection you can think of. You can also end up raising your blood pressure to dangerous levels or getting ulcers. Reducing stress can really save your body from some crazy wear and tear. Not only will you feel better, your body will not give out on you.

Walking For Life

High on the health tips menu for good living is walking. It keeps you physically fit as well as mentally sharp. Whether you take a fast walk for exercise or a gentle stroll for clearing your head, you are doing the body good. Walking is one of the best ways to stay in shape. It is the type exercise that almost all people can do. It works the muscles and cardiovascular system, but does not make arthritis worse. It can sooth you when you are angry or sad. Walking just is the magic work out that is good for you no matter how much or little you do it. Just getting gin a few walks per week can make a huge difference in your over all well-being.

The Secret Of Rest And Relaxation

Health tips are not only about exercise and diet. They can also be about how to rest and relax as well. Part of staying healthy is knowing when to stay down and get your rest. The mind and body need to relax and heal each day. If you do not get enough rest you can cause yourself to get sick. Resting and relaxing offers the body some time to just be there watching. No need to be asleep, just non-active and taking in the world. This type of natural therapy keeps the body in balance and allows you to think clearly.

Take Charge of Your Body Through These 5 Fitness and Health Tips

As you set your weight loss objectives to an extreme level, it is best to keep in mind that the body must be subject to increase loads and demands each time your exercise routine progresses, as one way of improving your tolerance to intense pressure and hard work. In this manner, you’re able to improve your physical fitness level – something that is greatly important for a fitness buff like you.

If you want to know other fitness and health tips, the following bits and pieces of advices from health and fitness experts must be met:

1. Take time to plan your program – Getting into a rigorous training at the gym or even by simply doing your fitness program at home requires one to have an overall plan. It is important to realize that not all physical endurance and activities are equal in value and offer one and the same benefits to the body. Only those routines entailing continuous, dynamic, and powerful movements are the ones possessing extreme contributions to cardiovascular fitness. This means to say that in order for one to obtain significant physical development and progress in ones training program, the following criteria must be present: Intensity, Duration, and Frequency.

2. Once is not enough – Endurance programs are ideally performed on a daily basis, but excellent results can also be obtained if you go on a rigorous training for at least three times a week. It isn’t sufficient, therefore, to do everything in a day in the name of fat loss. Research has proved that a person who stays on a desk bound state even for just three days will most likely lose 5 to 10 percent of his body conditioning. Then again, a month of idleness can result to significant loss of almost 80 percent overall body conditioning.

3. Cancer rolls and caffeine drinks are a no-no – If you’re in strict endurance training, cigarettes and coffee drinks are proscribed. These things can alter your pulse rate especially during training. So, it is a sound idea to make no use of them, or if you can’t seem to let go of these forms of addiction, better yet use them at least 2 to 3 hours before jump starting your endurance training.

4. Drugs, alcoholic beverages, and antibiotics are prohibited – There have been recorded deaths in the past concerning these forbidden things, and exercising under the influence of any of these can do you more harm than good. Or worse, can lead to death. Thus, if you’re taking any sort of medication especially antibiotics, it is best to consult your doctor as to which workout or activity is best for your health condition.

5. Eat only those that are right for the body – You very well know that fruits and vegetables are the surest way to go if you want to stay fit and healthy. Exercising without a proper diet is counter productive. So, if you want to ascertain that you’ll achieve the healthy body that you want, eat the right foods and exercise.

My Top 5 Vital Life Saving Health Tips

What would you like to see improved in your health?

Go on, stay with me; take some time to consider this. What are the changes needed to make it happen? Maybe you’ll want to write something down..?

To make those changes a simple, purposeful, systematic and dedicated approach is needed and must include 5 things. It could be said that they are the 5 best tips anyone could ever give when it comes to staying healthy. Not in any particular order, here are those top 5 vital life-saving health tips for optimum health vitality and disease prevention.

1. Maintain a daily diet of 7 a day fruits and vegetables

I know I’m chanting the nutritional mantra here but anyone following this long term is sure to reap the benefits. It’s better to chose raw food because this food, when cooked, frozen or processed may lose nutritional value by losing its original molecular form (denatured) and not be able to take part in metabolism.

2. Drink plenty of water

If put on the spot I would say that this is the biggest health tip you could ever give!

That’s because between the choices of so many different drinks these days: way too high sugar galore options like fizzy pops and smoothies, or mash-mallow coffees with 2 inches thick cream on top, energy boosters… etc., water seems like a bland option but when taken in plentiful quantities has a whole range of health benefits and serves as a prevention or remedy for so many illnesses.

This includes; good skin, teeth and nails, healthy joints, nervous function, intestinal health, good kidney function, lowering high blood pressure, diabetes prevention, preventing mental disorders, for example it has been found that schizophrenics are severely dehydrated,… There are many ‘drought diseases’ brought on by a lack of daily drinking water.

The amount to drink depends on the individual. Having said that, the ‘one size fits all’ recommendation has been to take the figure for half the number of pounds a person weighs converted to ounces. For example a 140 pound individual would take 70 fluid ounces a day.

3. Carefully monitor your outlook on life

The world about you manifests as a consequence of ‘where you are at’ with life: Your attitude, thoughts, feelings, emotional state, in other words, outlook on life affects your health.

By monitoring these things and making the necessary appropriate changes illness prevention/reversal or anti-ageing can result.

Don’t underestimate this tip.

4. Exercise regularly

So many people would greatly improve on their health if they just did 15-20 minutes exercise a day. Exercise pays off with so many dividends when it comes to health.

Those benefits include: detoxification from sweating, feeling more alert, less weariness, improved cognitive function like increased intelligence, mood elevation, better sexual performance, disease prevention, weight control, sleep better and its activity through sports for example offers more fun in life!

5. Avoid toxicity

Don’t be fooled by the idea that all those toiletries, beauty products, aerosol sprays, lotions, environmental pollutants, contaminants and questionable food additives are only in tiny amounts so therefore won’t harm your health. The truth is when you put all those things together and add them up over time that’s not a tiny amount. Also toxic substances work together synergistically. Try avoiding them or get natural alternatives.

Watch out for those junk food habits… Besides high levels of salt, sugar and low nutrition value junk food sometimes can remain undigested in the intestinal tract for ages. This undigested material allows gut micro organisms to feast! They produce gas from the feasting while indigestible material still remains, hence the reason for some people having middle age spread or bloated bellies formed from years of junk food habit.

I hope that this article has inspired you too check out your health and take any necessary actions.

How to Reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally

Almost all of us suffer from estrogen dominance on some level. While perimenopausal women are most at risk, men and children are not immune. Constant exposure to xenohormone chemicals disrupts our delicate hormone balance. The result is high estrogen levels and depleted progesterone.

While conventional medicine offers drugs to regulate hormones, many women seek options on how to reverse estrogen dominance naturally.

It does take more time to treat your body using natural remedies. But the payoff is well worth it. Holistic treatments help the body heal itself so it can produce hormones all on its own. You enjoy more health, energy and vitality as a result.

How to Reverse Estrogen Dominance Naturally

To reverse the effects of estrogen dominance a holistic approach is needed. Take these 4 steps to alleviate symptoms:

Step #1: Eliminate the Source(s)

First and foremost, you want to reduce your exposure to the xenohormone chemicals making you sick. Purge any toxic cleaners, plastics, cookware and personal care products from your home. Consider purchasing a good quality water filter if you don’t have one already. Besides possibly containing heavy metals, our water supply is often contaminated with endocrine disrupting chemicals.

But one of the biggest sources of xenohormones is the food we eat.

Conventionally raised dairy and meat are the worst offenders so steer clear of those. Fruits and veggies are sprayed with hormone disrupting toxins and a source of xenohormones as well. Eating organic is always your best bet. But some of our produce is far more toxic than others.

Step #2: Detox

If you suffer from severe estrogen dominance symptoms, then doing a full liver detox is a good idea.

You can also help your body detox with some simple daily strategies.Epsom salt baths and drinking lemon water first thing in the morning and right before bed at night helps cleanse the body of toxins. Exercising and sweating on a regular basis is your body’s own way to detoxify.

Step #3: Manage Your Stress

Xenohormone exposure is only one contributor to estrogen dominance. Stress also plays a huge role. Constant exposure to stress increases cortisol in the body, which in turn raises estrogen and decreases progesterone.

Find ways to effectively manage your stress. Meditation, yoga and other forms of exercise are great options. Sometimes just a good laugh or time out with friends can work wonders to lift your mood.

Step #4: Boost Progesterone Levels

One of the best ways to boost progesterone levels is by eating right.

Include plenty of fruits and veggies in your diet as well as organic, grass-fed meat. Good quality supplements like Vitamins A and B6 also help. Certain herbs like Chasteberry can work wonders to increase progesterone in the body as well.